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"Gus and the Manor House Bears "
by Harry L. Lowman

Anyone care-less of bears should never stay at the Manor House in
Oughterside. The accommodation is splendidly luxurious, and spacious, but toy bears ooze from every comer of the house; in the bedrooms, up the stairs, on the beds and even from iron baskets suspended from the beams of the sun lounge, where incidentally you may also spy an intrusive parrot and a far from ferocious dragon.

Surveying his kingdom from a comfortable throne in the sun lounge, the figure of Vincent, a giant of a bear, who prefers to be called Vincente, commands attention not only from the guests who are staying there on holiday, but also from his many loyal ursine subjects.

But be not deceived, he is no mere decoration for the
delight of the guests. He may bring out the child in most adults, but in reality he is head of a very superior intelligence organization and a very efficient network of agents maintaining security throughout the house.

You may think that that adorable cuddly bear lying on your bed is there for your amusement, but in fact he or she is there not only to protect you from unwelcome intruders but also to observe your own activities. Woe betide anyone who shows the slightest trace of criminality, for once you have finally succumbed to sleep, you can be sure that the agent will present a full report of your activities to Commander Vincente and then return within the hour to his respective post.

'The couple in Room Two have patched up their quarrel. Commander."
"Watch out for that kid in Room Five. He's a bully."
"And his brother's even worse. He kicked me downstairs today. Thought he was Beckham."
'The couple in Room One have been pinching the Kit-Kats."
"And the woman in Room Three's been smoking in the en suite."

That sort of thing.

Of course the night there was most to report was when the Master had been overheard discussing with the Mistress about getting a dog.
The whole sun lounge had erupted in uproar. "A dog! We don't want a dog. Horrible snappy things. Our lives won't be worth living. He'll tear us to bits. Nasty is dogs." The Commander called for silence and then glared at the bear who had made the report.
"Are you absolutely sure you overheard correctly 221?" he demanded.
"Yes sir," he replied obediently.
"What were his exact words?"
221 thought for a moment and then replied haltingly, "A dog - would be a companion for Judy - and good for security."
Vincente's face blazed with fury.
"But we're the security in this house!"

Further information about these stories may be obtained from:-
Harry L. Lowman, 18, Cae Brackla, Bridgend, South Wales. CF31 2HF